Week 9: Six Sketches of Sweet Southdown Sheep

A busy week with 3 days away, a really lovely afternoon workshop here at the Church with the local art group and a frustratingly non productive printing day, which I will blog about later.  It’s all a learning process and sometimes experiments just don’t work but hopefully it won’t turn out too badly in the end.

So this week I just made six quick sketches of the sheep that live down the lane. They are delightful little Southdown sheep, compact and neat with close wool, and teddy bear faces. I see them almost daily and I look forward to seeing the spring lambs.

sheep and rooks bg

The farmer sometimes writes about them in our village magazine. I wonder if he will recognise any of them..
“Ah there is Maisie! .. Oh look!  That’s a nice sketch of Blossom”
I would be super impressed if he did!


I was drawing this one when I noticed I was very close to a wasp’s nest. The wasps were very busy.


When they are close to the fence there are soft, tugging, tearing and chewing sounds. It’s very soothing.


The rooks like to sit on their backs and sometimes perch on their heads.  The fields are slightly higher than the road so you usually see them through a screen of roadside grasses, twigs and, now dying, nettles.


They seem very happy and contented sheep. They have the company of a couple of fine rams at the moment.


I intend to do one very beautiful detailed drawing soon. Sketches with pen and white paint on A5 kraft paper.

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  1. Fantastic.

    (I expect we'll all specially like the one that's smiling.)

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