Week 8 Visual Notes

I missed a couple of days walking this week, due to early starts and full days.  It’s so much darker and colder now. When I started in August, dawn was at 4.50 am, now it is 6.50 am. Walking time is compressed and has to be shared with others. Dog walkers, children running for the school bus, people leaving for work and the odd early cyclist. Sometimes, now, I walk a little later.

MON 8th


The electricity pole on Caravan walk. I was thinking about pattern and thought how its shape was so similar to dead heads of the cow parsley. The rooks love this pole.

TUES 9th,   Barnesdale Sketching

WED 10th


A later evening walk with the sun in the west. The aeration tower on the reservoir is backlit, almost like a lighthouse. A small boat has pulled up beside it.

THURS 11th


A fallen tree by the water. It’s dark here and the bare ground is covered with fallen leaves.

SAT 13th


Up on the top field, high on the plateau above the reservoir, there must be a heavy clay outcrop. Standing water lies in the ruts of the plough.



A brilliantly sunny but cold day. An early walk and the resident small flock of geese were  feeding by the waters edge.


Later having a coffee at the Visitor Centre, a hopeful spaniel watches the plates being emptied at a nearby table.
We did not stay long enough to see if his patience was rewarded. 🙂

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