Week 2 Visual Notes

These are still sketches from the walks. Just things I like as I walk along. I have a couple of cheap sketchbooks 8 inches by 5, a black pen, a water brush, a biro, my notebook and my camera. It’s simple and easy and suits me fine.

MON: The “caged posts”, some posts by the old railway line, each wrapped with wire for no apparent reason. There are quite a few of them.

4 posts bg

TUES: The big stone by the church which I will paint at some time.

4th Sept bg

WED: “Buoy R”  the yellow bobbing buoy near willow shore. It gleams gold in  the morning sun, reflecting yellow on the waves.
It twists with the wind sometimes saying R and sometime not.  It was breezy and the bird was hunched into the westerly wind.

buoy R bg

Thursday: Some abandoned bits of tin up on the railway line

5th Sept bg

Friday: Some trees by the lake. Beautiful early morning raking light.

6th sept

SAT: high up on the church little birds twitter about in a weedy growth from one of the small towers.
I cant really see what they are but a flash of white makes me think they are chaffinches.

church birds bg

SUN: it has been a glorious weekend my early Sunday walk was beautiful it was still and calm on the water. First mists are coming. This time its buoy G, just bobbling gently, with obligatory bird on top.


They don’t take long maybe 15 mins max. It’s interesting to see what I have chosen to draw because there is no particular plan right now.

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  1. I wonder if your church stone is a boundary stone? See http://www.eyemead.com/MONOLITH.htm Love the sketches!

  2. Thanks Jane.. Think you might be right..its not so big but just oddly placed. def not random. I will do some more research

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