A Buzz in your Ears……some Bee Earrings

I have, for the last year or so worn some very sweet little bee stud earrings given to me by my friend Brenda in the USA. I am very fond of them and I am always looking out for other bee jewellery.
In the summer I went to the wonderful Birdfair at Rutland Water. It’s a fabulous event.
Representatives from almost every country in the world offer holidays, safaris and birding trips to die for. There are cameras and binoculars bigger than anything I have ever seen  before, demos, book stalls, info on birds and wildlife and of course some fabulous artists.

Jewellery designer Anna De Ville from Birmingham was there and her silver, nature inspired pieces are just gorgeous!

annas card
Her website is www.annadeville.co.uk

I was admiring her earrings and brooches and as we were chatting, I asked her if she had ever made any bees… “No”,  she said… “Well”,  I said, “They’re rather nice and lots of people are very fond of them”
A few weeks later Anna emailed me .. she had got the BUZZ! and was working on two bee designs. Here they are: If you are looking for some pretty silver bee earrings just drop her a line.

The tiny bee studs…. which retail at £25.00 per pair

tiny bee studs bg

And the Bumble Bees, Bombus terrestris, which look rather like little flowers as well, they retail at £55.00 per pair.

bumble bees bg,

My photos do not do them justice They are lovely quality, hallmarked and made with great care.

Nice Christmas pressies for bee lovers!

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