Thanks to Pocketchange

A big thank you to Max at the very eclectic blog Pocketchange.become for featuring Pencil and Leaf on their Best of the Web no. 38 earlier this week.

from pocket change

I was in good company there. Thank you!

Meanwhile I have been working hard on the snail shell bees and some design projects. There are times I just have to ignore the computer, switch off the phone and lock myself away.

But I will be back  to the blog next week with hopefully a few step by steps of the snail shell bees. The weather has been kind and the reservoir has been beautiful in the Autumn light. I have walked most days seen many fascinating things which I wanted to write about and record but no time right now. There are very few bees and I have seen just the occasional honey bee and hover fly this week foraging on the only flowering thing left on the shore line, the Bristly Ox Tongue.

honey bee october bg

Pollen covered honey bee

hover fly

Excellent bee mimic hoverfly.

I think this might be Epistrophe eligans but I am not sure about my hoverflies.

Most days there is something amazing, be it a tiny creature, a beautiful seed pod or just some autumn colour and I am seeing how the leaves are falling away and revealing the structure of things. Something I have not really seen for many years.

On Thursday the dawn was pink and purple and the water misty, so much so that you could not see the opposite shore.  It could almost have been the sea..


Yesterday was a lovely day for sailing and  in the late afternoon the low sun lit their coloured sails.. they were like little jewels.


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