Leafcutter Bee at Leu

Joy of joys! I have seen a leafcutter bee doing what a leafcutter bee does best.. well almost. I didn’t actually see her cutting the leaf but did see her flying in short bursts carrying this huge piece of leaf.
I didn’t have time to stay and see where she was taking it but did manage a couple of photos.


She made quite a few stops and seemed to be struggling somewhat. I do hope she made it back to the nest OK..

I have been to Leu a few times recently and seen some wonderful bees.. more on that next week. This week I have been tied to the computer for 6 whole solid days, trying to finally put my bee book together on Blurb.
It is my first Blurb book and I WILL press the “buy” button tomorrow. It has been a steep learning curve.
There has been a lot of dithering on my part and I am not sure that Booksmart is quite as smart as it could be.
I will post a few sample spreads next week.

And, yes, I have, of course, had to go and check  up on “Life on the Ledge”. The sparrows have completely rebuilt and are now taking “fluffy” stuff in. I think things are getting serious and am keeping my fingers crossed for them! .. more sketches to come.

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  1. What a pretty bee, very pale in color. I'm glad to hear your poor sparrows are finally making some progress. Crossing my fingers too!

  2. Well done, Val! Those are awesome shots!

  3. Glorious pictures Val. The leafcutters have been the joy of my summer too.

  4. Yay for leafcutters! I have never seen them in action, just enjoyed their results (as I enjoy your artwork on my walls, Val. ) I have been away for a few days and don't know what a Blurb book is so I'll have to go catch up with that this week too!

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