Late Summer Bee Flowers

Bees in general emerge at different times of the year and it’s easy to think they are just around in the summer when there are plenty of flowers but many species will need food in early Autumn. In September last year there were many bumble bees, honey bees and solitary bees still busy in the garden, so, in planning the bee garden some late flowers are essential. “Late” can depend where you are of course, but here are just a few:

amemone     sea holly copy

Japanese Anemone, the most beautiful and elegant of plants, and Sea Holly.
I think the Eryngiums are particularly beautiful and there is very striking one called Eryngium leavenworthii which is worth seeking out

sunflower     aster copy

Bees love Sunflowers and particularly Michaelmas Daisies. A great plant to watch bees on, as they are too busy foraging to notice you!

ivy copy      fuschia copy

Ivy and Fuschia, Let the ivy bloom for the pretty Ivy bee and the bumblebees seem to love the endlessly flowering shrub fuschia in my Father’s garden.

heathersedum smjpg

Heather and Sedum. Heathers will bloom all season for bees and plant any of the many fascinating Sedums, or “stonecrops” which look so lovely in late summer and are great for green roofs!


I will get around to making the notes on the sketches soon! It’s very hot here this weekend and not conducive to work at all!

Hot Sloth

hot sloth

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  1. Loving the flowers! For me the Ivy takes the prize:)

  2. "It’s very hot here this weekend and not conducive to work at all!"

    Don't rub it in!

  3. I laughed out loud here in the library when I saw your Hot Sloth! 😀

  4. Hot sloth needs an umbrella!
    Thank you for your flower suggestions for late summer/fall. We've lots of flowers in spring, but not many in late summer.

  5. sorry for late comment reply!
    and thanks to you all. It's still hot here.. inside and outside! I am trying hard to get everything finished.. just 7 days to go!

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