..and more Male Bees: Bees and Orchids film

Just after I had posted earlier, I received this link from my blog friend Brian from Green Mansions Compost.

It seemed to go so well with today’s post concerning all things male in the bee world. It’s a snippet from a fabulous Super 8mm nature film, “Symphony of Magic: The Wild Orchids in Israel”. https://youtu.be/SM56wrDz66M

This beautiful film was originally broadcast on the BBC in 1987. Then Doron Hirshberg, the cinematographer spent another 3 years adding more footage and recently transferred the Super 8 to digital.
There is an interesting article about how he, along with the technicians at Cinepost a company specialising in post production and transfer, achieved it.. here.
This time, it’s not the bumble bee male but the comical long-horned bee male who is whipped into a frenzy by the deliciously furry and lifelike bee orchid. Just another astonishing piece of natural design and sly ingenuity on the part of plants.. Hmmm they could almost be human!

There is another lovely time lapse clip of the same film showing the growing orchids with a soundtrack reminiscent of those twirling ballerinas on old musical boxes..just beautiful, see here. I
think the whole film will be available on DVD? Thank you so much Brian for letting me know about this. (Brian’s blog is a lovely mixture of bees, orchids, flowers  and food!)

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  1. I don't know what kind of bee it is, but someone recently posted a photo of flowers (from Pakistan?) with a wonderful close-up of a bee… are you interested? I could find the blogger's address if you are. 🙂

  2. Fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing. Many of this Orchids also grow in Portugal. I love to observe the bees polinating them.

    Will you paint a bee in a wild orchid???

  3. SG.. yes I would be really interested!! Who knows?.. after bees of Britain I may be doing bees of Pakistan!
    GM.. always think of you when I see orchids now.. I would love another trip to Portugal some time.

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