Lincolnshire Lurcher

So it’s not all bees. I decided I should do an etching of my much loved, long gone, but never forgotten lurcher, Jessie. This really belongs in my neglected dogblog and will get there soon I guess.

Jessie was a rescue dog, left by some travellers on Lincoln Common. She was the most elegant, gentle and delightful dog you could wish for. She made a pair with my other big bad hairy lurcher Charlie.

I wanted to try some much more sweeping strokes in the hard ground rather than short scratches. So I have a typically windy and grey Lincolnshire sky with some tiny church spires on the horizon.

The first proof had only Jess and the sky. I added the hares in a strip along the bottom. Being a lurcher she loved to chase hares ( and squirrels) and dreamt about them often …so she told me 🙂

Jessie’s Constant Dream.

jessie lurcher sm

This is also dedicated to Barbara and Stan Kempton who became Jess’ wonderful carers and lavished more love, care and attention on this little dog than she or I ever deserved.
She was the luckiest dog in the world.

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