Leaf of the Day: The UK .. Digging, Moving, and a Slight Hiatus

Here I am back in the USA, sketch book almost completely empty, but head completely full of ideas inspirations and possible directions. “Leaf of the Day” may have to become “Thing of the Day”.. or even just “Thing of the Month”.

UK Things:
Most of the trip seemed to be spent in the hire car, trying to keep to the correct side of the road and admiring the beautiful May countryside through sheets of driving rain, while visiting old friends and relatives.

I learnt many things on this trip:

*The origin of the Chelsea Physic Garden.
*The use of chicken’s feet skin in bookbinding with very beautiful results.
*Quite a bit about charcoal burning and ‘chicken in the woods’.
*Huge Indian mice and Ganesh.
*The problems of sourcing real English apples for a farm shop in Lincs.
*More about the far from grim, Grimsthorpe Castle.

I so enjoyed these things, (in no particular order);

*The warm and welcoming company of old friends and family.
*The joy of a real prize winning Pork Pie from Mr Thorpe, real Lincolnshire Sausages and fish and chips.
*The snowy beauty of the hedges white with May blossom, Horse chestnuts blossom and kecksey ( cow parsley)
*Regent’s Park on a beautiful summer day with my good friends Dorothy and Jill.
*London for all its wonderful treasures, specialist shops, great pubs and cafes.
*Catching up with my friend Dy over soup and a roll in Bloomsbury.
*The privilege of visiting London’s stunningly wonderful Museums for free.
*My sister’s hidden treasure of a sheet music shop, Counterpoint, in Lincoln, (although found and much appreciated by Louis de Bernier.)
*My friend Kate’s really excellent, specialist and aclaimed cheese shop “The Cheese Society” also in Lincoln.
*Seeing the Bookbinders exhibition at the Flow Gallery…more of this later.
*The big skies and tiny distant church spires of Lincolnshire.
*Huddling on Big Stone in High Bentham with my friend Gill, in borrowed anorak and wellies, in the chilly darkening evening, while clutching a beer, listening to curlews and peewits crying out over the moor.
*Meeting up with my wonderful dog sitters of ten years ago, Stan and Barbara.
*Sitting in a tiny old Derbyshire cottage and having tea with an old friend at a local Church Flower Festival.
*Listening to my Dad (91) admitting he had a friend with a gorgeous red sports car ( Jaguar ss 100) in the late 1930’s with whom he used to go to Blackpool from Leeds on weekends when they were flush!

I failed to do these things:

*Sketching 🙂
*Get to Scotland

In between I did some heavy duty gardening for my Father. It was sheer joy for me to be out in those cool mornings..light at 3.30.. accompanied by the singing birds, biting east wind and fine drizzle. Best activity? … digging. To be precise, digging out one of Dad’s excellent compost heaps, more of that later.

I have actually been back for 2 weeks but due to pressing economic necessity we have been trying to find a cheaper apartment. We are moving from shoe box to matchbox. The next step will be the cardboard box on the street corner or the workhouse, but we remain optimistic. It is at this point in my life that I realise the mistakes I made of; A, not training to be a nurse, they seem to be able to work anywhere and; B, not marrying a very rich man.

Creatively things are just on hold while I regroup..
“Hiatus” is the best word for this little break and has some interesting definitions ie:
Suspension: an interruption in the intensity or amount of something”
or “Latin = a gap, (like that between some people’s ears)” or the gap between the covers of my sketchbook!

Back soon with some fond discoveries in the attic, regarding scarecrows….

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  1. Welcome home! Glad to have you back and blogging again. Hope everything falls back into place quickly for you and the move goes smoothly.

  2. Val,
    I am so happy you are back in the USA and posting again. I have never written you before but I visit your blog several times a week and so admire your work. I have your blog linked on my so with just one click I can be there to see what you have done. I only started sketching again a couple of months ago after a long illness and got such inspiration from your "almost" daily drawings. Now I look forward to visiting the "Thing of the Month". Much luck in getting back to your USA bearings and your down-sizing efforts.

    With much admiration of your work,

  3. Welcome back Val!

  4. Thanks so much everyone. I am contemplating the idea of moving yet again with some degree of dismay. Artists do not travel light!!
    Judy.. lovely note, sketching is amongst other things very good therapy!.. well as long as things dont go horribly wrong 🙂

  5. Hey Val!

    I went to Leu Gardens last week for a meeting with the Native Plant Society and saw your art on the walls…SO GREAT!

    It is lovely to see someone so talented do well and be able to establish such a relationship with Leu.

    I wish you much success! You are welcome to come and paint in our garden any time! (seriously, I am not just saying that) We are located near UCF.

    Take care,
    Gardening Fool

  6. I so want to go to England. It is my dream vacation I hold in my pocket for the future. Thanks for sharing yours.~~Dee

  7. Thanks Dee and SG,
    The Uk is great for a visit, the weather is unpredictable but I realised that you can see so much in the way of different land forms and scenery within a relatively short drive. Flat land of the East to Northern Hills in 2 hours. Small is often beautiful! (all 5ft 1" of me says)
    SG .. you are on! .. we are in the middle of moving right now but will get back to you!

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