Almost Back to the Blog

Phew.. I have really put some hours in over the last week, barely surfacing to glance wistfully at the sun outside. I will post more about the illustration work later but now I have to get back to botanicals too, as the next course submission is almost overdue.
I am working in pen and ink this week, so today just a pen and ink sketch of a beautiful twisted dwarf poinciana, Poinciana pucherrima pod for a bit of practice.
And “thank yous”are also due to all who sent and are sending me emails re buying work and to Mary at the Orlando Sentinel for a super write up in the paper and on their website here


Dwarf Poinciana Pod

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  1. Just gorgeous! I am looking forward to seeing more!! 🙂 Silke

  2. Glad you’re back, Val. You were missed. Love the pen and ink.

  3. Thank you both.. I love pen and ink but it is an unforgiving medium. To get one good drawing may take many attempts. There are quite a few bit s of paper in the rubbish bin this week!

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