Leaf of the Day: A Bimbo comes between Eleanor and Franklin

After that long post yesterday (somewhat excessive displacement behaviour to avoid the K confrontation), this is mercifully short. I have spent the morning framing a few pictures and decided I wanted a few more colour studies. So today to get away from the very tight botanical stuff I decided to paint some fun colourful crotons. I intend to do 3 more just to show the variety of colour and pattern. I now realise I will have quite a few crotons to show, which is ironic as I really didn’t much care for them initially but their relentlessly cheerful colours, tolerance of adverse conditions and general good nature win you over in the end, you just have to give in. There are people like that too. I have thought that Julie Andrews might be one of them.
The croton names are many and delightful but, confusingly, each variety may have as many as 7 names. For my next three I will be able to choose from Mona Lisa, Picasso’s Paintbrush, Sloppy Painter or Norman Rockwell. Unwittingly I put Bimbo in between the Roosevelt’s, just for the sake of design. But at Leu Gardens this is not the case, Eleanor and Franklin are planted side by side, which, knowing a little about their relationship, is not a position I am sure Eleanor would necessarily approve of.

Franklin Roosevelt, Bimbo and Eleanor Roosevelt

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  1. Very clever title. And as always gorgeous illustrations.


  2. Wow, You are incredibly talented! I found you from buedamau’s blog. He recomended that I see you. I too love art if you want to see some of mine go here

  3. :))lovely! I’ve got a few such crotons in the pipeline as well!

  4. When I began reading this post, I misread and thought you’d decided to draw crutons. That, I thought, really would be a departure!


  5. Thanks all.The crotons were a welcome relief..! and fun to do.. Mary, croutons….Hmmm that’s got me thinking! A niche in the market?

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