Leaf of the Day : Handmade Nation and some Creative Browsing

Procrastination is always a problem for any of my works in progress. It is not helped by many happy hours browsing all the wonderful and creative handmade things that are now produced by individuals and small groups, either in homes or in craft cooperatives across the world. I love the truly “handmade”, and I don’t mean things that are just assembled from ready made craft items, but really creative and innovative things. From steampunk to crochet, I love it all.

http://www.etsy.com/, http://www.instructables.com/ http://www.trunkt.org/ are just some fantastic sources.

One of my very old favourites is Cynthia Korzekwa’s great “Art for Housewives” here which I could probably spend the rest of my life browsing and being inspired to make all sorts of really creative recycled art. At the moment there is a particularly poignant entry

Agnes Richter, a mental patient in an asylum in Austria, embroidered text on her jacket in a desperate attempt to locate herself in time, space and place. Made in 1895, it is a standard issued uniform given to patients at the time. “

How interesting this piece is.. not the self conscious art of the luvvie conceptual artist, but a real “document”.

Filmmaker Faith Levine has put together a documentary due to be screened in March which celebrates the handmade in the USA.


Go here to see the trailer and more information and spend yet more happy, procrastination filled, browsing hours…well it is the weekend.

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