Leaf of the Day; Poppy, Bench and Tree

Today is Remembrance day, Armistice day, Poppy day and I have been doing some remembering, just walking, in the sun, in the quiet Gardens, in the company of squirrels, woodpeckers, lizards, a few visitors and a very beautiful basking black racer snake.
Here and there are useful benches for those who are flagging and need to rest. Or for those who just want to stop, sit, admire and enjoy. Many of the benches are “in memoriam” and today I thought how nice that is. I met a lady some time ago who is remembering her mother with a bench at the Gardens. “Why? Was she a garden lover?” I asked.. “Oh yes, she loved the garden. When it was a private house she used to ride her bike through here, much to the annoyance of Mrs Leu!”. Poor Mrs Leu, now about to host the young trespasser’s bench.. but I don’t suppose she minds at all.
I have taken many photographs of the benches.

I am interested in their stories and touched by their sentiments. This one, away from the path and under the stately camphor trees is one of my favourites. I also see there is one unclaimed in a particularly nice spot near one of the heavenly scented Champaca trees. That would be a lovely place to be remembered. I think I should start saving.
Others have remembered loved ones at the Gardens with the gift of a tree. Now there’s a thought. I would like to be a tree but which one and where? I would like a view and I would like to be a useful tree, shelter from the sun and rain, food for the animals, home for the birds and fun for kids. Beautiful would be nice too so I think a Horse Chestnut comes close. A Horse Chestnut, planted in English parkland with some sheep to look after. I know just the place.

And poppies, pretty blood red poppies… what is there to say about poppies today except “remember”.


Poppy Day Poppy

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  1. This is a wonderful post and perfect for the day. My Mother died when I was seven and I will always remember the Dogwood tree my Grandfather planted for her. I don’t believe it is still there but I will Dogwoods will always have special meaning for me.

  2. What a very nice remembrance day post.

  3. thank you both.. I would so like a tree planted for me. .. and dogwoods are very beautiful. I missed the flowers last spring but they are on my list for next year!

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