Leaf of the Day: Darlene’s Limes

I had already started painting these lemon and lime slices today when Chris phoned to say a colleague at work was offering us a bag of limes. How very kind of her and how very welcome they are. My painter friend Brenda is sure that since the excellent election result there is a general air of kindness around, she may be right. So, late tonight I have a bag of limes and some rosemary too.. sounds like a chicken dish will be on the menu this week. I had already made an excellent lamb curry for tonight but have lamb left over. Oh ..decisions, decisions.
Darlene’s limes are, of course Key Limes, not like the Persian Lime I have painted. They are, confusingly, lemon in colour and small but with such a beautiful flavour and what will I make? Not a difficult question is it, here in Florida. Key Lime Pie of course!..It will be my first.

People ask about my technique and materials from time to time, and for these studies, because I am not really concerned about detail, I use just one brush. (Hmmm…or could that just be laziness). It’s a lovely squirrel mop(so sorry little squirrels) by Isaby. It needs a light touch and you have to paint fairly wet with it. This one has a rather unreliable point for fine detail but I just love the look and feel of this brush, I have 3 of them in different sizes.

This is my day to day sketching paintbox with Winsor and Newton paints mainly. I do get more organised for finished work.

I am trying to keep to my rule this week of not writing too much, so here are the drawings. The lemon and lime slices are colour matching sketches more than anything else. The trouble with botanical painting is that you should be trying to match the colour you see as accurately as you can. Left to my own devices and asked to paint lemons and limes I would be adding a few more interesting colours… however, it’s a good exercise in restraint if nothing else.

I have only had time for a quick sketch of Darlene’s limes, I just put a few on my drawing table which has a dark slightly shiny surface. I am sure I will return to Key Limes very soon.

Lemon and Limes

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  1. The first one is utterly juicy:D (awesome!), the second is a wonderful array of colors. Let me guess, this background blue is one of your favourites?

  2. Hi there garden girl and sree.. thankyou so much for very kind comments. Re the background Sree, They were sitting n my drawing table which has a brown surface and the wall behind is just neutral cream, so I added a bit more blue as the approx complementary to yellow. Just brightens things up a bit

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