I am tuning out for a while..

Image from antique sounds here

There is a backlog of work piling up here, so this week I am taking a couple of days to catch up…I will hopefully get the 7 flower head studies finished and the gorgeous dragon fruit painted and book a holiday.

So, for the break in transmission, a BBC testcard and 2 Interludes to while away the time.
First “The windmill”, a 5 minute touch of nostalgia in restful black and white from the 1950’s. This is from a time when it was OK to have almost nothing happening on the screen accompanied by some nice music whose crescendo really belongs to the soundtrack from “Rebecca”. It is mesmerising. This one is from Youtube but if you want more,the potters wheel, the white kitten, the ploughing horses etc can find them on Whirligig-TV here . And, if you want to further indulge your longings for Watch with Mother, Spotty Dog from the Woodentops, Rag tag and Bobtail and on the gardening theme of course Bill and Ben, they are all there too
maybe even Sausage the dachshund marionette will be there…

The second is the famous “London to Brighton in 4 minutes” And as we are taking a holiday soon..this has really got me in the holiday mood..


Back soon ……

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