Leaf of the Day: The Steam Plough Club

After some glorious days of sunshine I am leaving Lincolnshire and driving south and it’s raining. I have collected some more of the old African negatives from home for my Darling Popsy Blog and am calling in on Mike Goodman who is president of the Steam Plough Club of Great Britain. Also to meet me is Charles Roads who is a mine of information about Fowlers in general. It was such an interesting morning and it seems that a colleague of my grandafther may have been living at Grantham, (unbeknownst to us)very close to my parents all these years. What a shame, my mother would have loved to have met him.

I was fascinated as they both examined the photographs and remarked on the model number or the fact that this or that piece was missing. These wonderful enthusiasts go all over the world to find old steam ploughs and bring them home to be restored. Many of the engines were just left abandoned when the newer diesel models came into production in the mid 1930’s.

Here is one of the photos from the blog. This magnificent machine is the Fowler Z6 ploughing engine photographed on N’gata Farm, Njoro, Kenya in 1926. It is just possible that this engine may still be in Africa waiting to be found. How I would like to go and find it!

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