Sunday Owl

Some things just go together don’t they? I went for a cycle ride today to get some fresh air after spending all day on my other blog. I decided to go to Kraft Gardens for a look around and on the way back cycled through the cemetery just near the golf course here in Winter Park. They are always tranquil places and it’s interesting seeing little glimpses of other’s histories. It’s a nice place to end your days if the raining of miss-hit golf balls doesn’t disturb your slumber and who could ask for a more appropriate companion there than this lovely owl. Owls and graveyards do seem to go together. I am not a wildlife photographer by any means but it stayed still long enough for this picture. It’s a barred owl.. a big owl, 2ft tall with a 4 ft wingspan. They are common here but a first for me. It flapped slowly by, skimming the headstones in front of me, to then take roost in this tree. A very lovely sight.

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